January 3, 2010

I Feel Like an Artist!

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Today was exciting. Today was uplifting and surprising and necessary. Today, I felt like an artist.

Like many aspiring artists, I spend the majority of my time on things other than my passion. I go to work and the grocery store, I watch T.V and check my email, I sit in traffic. On my better days I actually make the time to practice my art: writing. Honestly, the writing has become the easier part because I’ve been doing it for years. What I have extremely little experience in is doing something with that writing. The process of publishing a poem in a magazine or taking a play from page to stage is my current challenge. And that is why today was a much needed victory.

Today’s event was not monumental. I didn’t witness the opening of my play on Broadway, or even recite a poem at open mic. Today was simple: I had a meeting with two awesome artists. I sat down with Architect Bravo and Mei Mei Chang (meimeichang.com) to discuss the set design of my latest play Boxes. Architect Bravo is an architect, capoeira enthusiast, and scholar who wouldn’t let me use his real name on my blog, he’s also  a great friend. Mei Mei is a gifted painter, teacher and mommy (not in that order of course).

These artists had taken the time to read and contemplate the play.  Unlike my loving friends and family, they had more to say than ‘it’s really nice.’ As visual artists they shared ideas on how to create a visual experience for the audience that would augment the play’s dialogue. At the close of the discussion we agreed to collaborate on-line using Celtix’s story board feature  (google it – you’ll thank me) and complete a set design. We also discussed strategies for staging Boxes in D.C later this year.

Underwater in Tobago

Conquering a fear in 2009



For many people, today’s discussion may not seem like a big deal. It was simply a logical step between writing a play and staging a play. For me however, it was a conceptual leap. Much of the mystery of staging a play has been simplified. Today it just hit me: D.C., Maryland and Virginia are full of actors, theatre lovers, and performance spaces that can be rented by anyone with something artistic to share.  Well, I have something to share, and I’ve decided to go for it. From now on I will not look at a play that I have written and pat myself on the back. Instead, I will be happy that step one of the process is complete and confidently move on to step number two.

If you are pursuing a passion – congratulations! I hope you continue to constantly seek out ways to develop your craft. And when you’re ready for the next step, I hope you’ll join me in taking a leap.

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