December 30, 2009

A Writer’s Resolution

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For five out of the last six New Years I have celebrated by running into the Ocean at midnight. I learned of this practice while living in Bahia, Brazil in 2003. There, people wear white, hang out on the beach, and at midnight they run into the waves. It’s pretty amazing. No promises to magically be better on the next day – just thankfulness for life and all of the joys it brings.

I’m not sure what I’ll do to welcome in 2010, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be near the Ocean. So, I’m reaching back to an old tradition (for me anyway) of outlining some goals that I would like to achieve in 2010. Instead of creating¬†a list of ways to improve as a person (cuz that list is infinite), I’d like to focus on how I can improve as a writer. It’s one thing to lose weight and lessen my level of road rage from neon purple to yellow – but I’m trying to become a professional writer here. So here are my Writers New Year’s resolutions for 2010….what are yours?

1. The number of pages I write per day will outnumber the hours of television I watch (including news).

2. I will no longer be a super secret writer, I will speak proudly about what I’ve written and what I plan to write/produce to ANYONE who will listen.

3. I will read more… but I will not quantify more¬†because I …. I um… I don’t feel like it.

4. I will submit my plays and poems to more workshops and magazines. At least one per month.

5. I will seek out a group of admirable and active writers to regularly share with and learn from.

Five is my favorite number so I’ll stop here. I’ll let you know in a few months how I’m doing. Feel free to hold my feet to the fire on this one.

Happy New Year!!

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