February 7, 2010

Try your luck

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I’m not much of a gambler. I’ll bet on black if I see a roulette table and I’ve been known to make side bets during a craps game – but as a rule I’m a big fan of keeping the money I make in my pocket. However, when it comes to my future, to realizing my dreams – I have grown a much needed set of cojones. Taking a chance

As I’ve mentioned earlier, writers need to open themselves to critique, support, and improvement. Whether through submitting work for publication or participating in a writing class – we have to get out there and take a chance. Too many of us write absolutely wonderful things in diaries and on notepads and for some reason we never share our gifts. We may choose to share our ruminations with friends or family and if they like it we are satisfied to continue our passion in private. And worse, if they don’t like it, we guard our creations under lock and key. The bottom line is this – if you want a large readership or audience you have to go after it. They’re not coming to you. Even if you’re awesome, no one will ever know it if you don’t give them the opportunity to experience what you have to share.

My point is simple. Get in the game! I ran into two men this afternoon while walking around the Savannah in Port of Spain, Trinidad and they taught me a very valuable lesson: if you don’t play you can’t win.


It was like something out of the movies. They were running sidewalk casinos. Games of chance – a shot to double or triple your money. I gave it a shot with some pocket change  (like I said before, I’m cheap). But I learned two new games today.

I lost the dice game every time, but I did triple my money (once) on the lucky seven game. It’s the same with writing. Maybe you don’t get accepted into the university you wanted for a creative writing program – but maybe you do submit a poem to a magazine and get published. Maybe you don’t have an agent working to sell your latest novel – but maybe you will self publish that same novel and personally place it in the hands of your growing readership. You’ll never know if you never take a chance.

P.S. I submitted a play to the Penobscot Theatre’s Northern Writer’s festival today. The deadline is Feb 12 if you’re interested. If you’ve been sitting on a play maybe this is time to share it. Good luck!

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