November 20, 2009

The Rebirth of Roseprose

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Wow, it’s great to be back!

As many of you know, I used to write all the time. I would scribble character ideas and poems on napkins and in notebooks constantly. Writing was (and is) my passion. Sharing an emotion or an experience with readers is an amazing feeling – very addicting. That addiction led me to perform at open mic’s and even to publish my poems in two books: “My Moments” and “Defining the Color of Ebony.”

This was my business card in 2002 - I was SO serious about being a professional

This was my business card in 2002 - I was SO serious about being a professional


Since “Defining the Color of Ebony” was published in 2002, I have been somewhat in hiding. The plays, novels and poems I’ve written during this hibernation have not been shared. Why? My eloquent answer is: dunno. Even though I seem to do everything BUT build a writing career, becoming a writer has always been my goal.  Despite the random jobs, travels abroad, and extra school- I remain just as passionate about writing as ever.  You can read a selection of these unshared works on the other pages. Check them often! I will regularly switch the content based on your comments and my moods.

The first step towards reviving Roseprose was “The Motherflower” (Thank you Viv!).  An interesting variety show in which I performed a monologue that compared learning how to cook with learning how to love. I enjoyed writing it just as much as I enjoyed performing it. The feedback I received was awesome and it made me want to do more. (I told you it was an addiction.) The more turned into “Boxes”, an experimental play that is scheduled to be produced in Trinidad in 2010. As proud as I am of the play, I am mostly just happy and excited to be writing again. Because if I’m writing – that makes me a writer!

Currently, I am living out my dream of traveling the world looking for adventure with my beautiful baby girl. We live about a half hour away from amazing beaches and we haven’t experienced winter in two years. For my day job, I am a Foreign Service Officer, which is honestly pretty fun. Still, I want to be a professional writer. 

So this blog is about my journey towards realizing that dream. Writing is my passion, but to be honest, I have been treating it like a hobby. And if I am ever going to see people purchasing my books, and buying tickets to see my plays I have to do something different. What that something different is – I’m not exactly sure of, but I’m committed to trying until I am successful. And I hope that by chronicling my attempts I will incite others to take action in their lives. Whatever your hobby is that you fantasize about doing full time – I hope my journey encourages you to make a similar commitment.

I look forward to hearing your comments and encouragement. Again – it’s great to be back!

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